The RASE-Wear watches are worldwide
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What is Etsy:
Etsy is the global platform for unique and creative products.
It gives a home to a universe full of special and exceptional
items, from unique handmade products to vintage treasures.
At a time when more and more is being automated, it is ours
mission to ensure that human connections remain at the core of commerce.
That is why we have built a place where creativity can flourish and that
is possible because it is powered by people. We help our community
from sellers to turn their ideas into a successful business.
Our platform brings them into contact with millions of buyers who are looking for one
alternative — something special, with a personal note, for those moments
the lives that deserve a portion of imagination.
As a company, we strive to be guided by the unskilful
principles and ideas about sustainability and responsibility
spreading. These ideas can go far beyond our own company
have a major and positive impact.